It is one of the oldest municipalities in Quindío. Those who visit the Cocora Valley must stop at Salento Town. Some of his attractions are: colonial architecture, impressive landscapes, his people and the tourist attractions.
Main places to visit:
  • Cocorá Valle.
  • Mirador Park.
  • Bolívar Park.
  • Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church.
mapFound in the northeastern section of the department and on the western slope of the central mountain range. Within 40 mins away from Armenia (Quindio’s capital)
summerIts average temperature is around 18ºC / 64º F.
snowed-mountainsDue to its geographical conditions, Salento’s altitude ranges between 1,300 and 4,750 metres above sea level, the latter by the icy outcrops of Quindío. This notable difference in altitude allows the appreciation of three thermal tiers within the region: medium, cold and moor like weather.
mountain-climbAll kinds of target audiences.

Calle de los Artesanos en Salento Quindío